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MULTIVIT Ultra-Vitaminised Facial Concentrate 50 ml-P2306T – Aesthetics World USA
MULTIVIT Ultra-Vitaminised Facial Concentrate 50 ml-P2306T



Ainhoa ​​concentrated facial serum has great antioxidant, illuminating and revitalizing power. It is a true source of luminosity and vitality for the skin that at the same time helps to protect the natural cellular DNA repair system against UV oxidative stress, preventing premature skin aging. 


It deeply revitalizes the skin and helps to unify the tone, bringing greater clarity to the complexion. Immediately, it provides light and radiance to the face for a "good face" effect that instantly improves the appearance of the skin and visibly reduces the signs of fatigue. 


A plus of hydration, tonicity and comfort turns this velvety serum into the best ally to give a new life to the face, achieving as a result a more luminous, vital and beautiful skin.

Ideal for:

  • All types of skin, especially skin with great stress.



  • A few drops per use


How to use:

  • After cleansing the skin, apply a few drops in the palm of the hand and spread over the face, neck and chest with a gentle massage and light pressure until completely absorbed.
  • Apply Multivitamin Cream or Multivitamin Rich Cream, depending on the skin type. 



  • Revitalizes the skin from the first use. 
  • Provides shine to the skin, leaving it soft and delicate.
  • Returns energy to tired skin while maintaining its firmness 



  • 50ml dropper bottle 

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