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HYALURONIC Essential Serum 50 ml - R8007N – Aesthetics World USA
HYALURONIC Essential Serum 50 ml - R8007N



Facial serum that contributes to the maintenance of optimal levels of skin hydration, immediately and in a long-lasting way, and reinforces the protective barrier of the skin against the environment. Its sophisticated texture creates a film on the skin surface with a slight tautening effect that protects the skin from dehydration and external aggression, helping it to be more resistant.
Intensely hydrated, the skin appears smoother and softer.


Recommended for:

  • Skin that requires an extra provision of hydration.


Formulated with:

  • Essential Serum includes in its advanced formula, Hyaluronic Acid, with a powerful moisturising effect, and Caesalpinia Spinosa Extract (innovative 3D Matrix technology), which captures, retains and assimilates the water in the skin instantly and with long-lasting effect. This is reinforced by the effect of Hydrating Liposomes and a Rhamnose Complex, with a moisturising and film-forming nature, that increases the hydrating and protective power of Essential Serum.


Application Advice:

  • After cleansing the skin, apply a few drops of Essential Serum to the palm of your hand and spread the face, neck and décolletage with gentle massage and light pressure until it has been totally absorbed. Then apply HYALURONIC Essential Cream or HYALURONIC Rich Essential Cream, depending on skin type.



  • 50 ml

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