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Meso Azelaic Pack 25% – Aesthetics World USA
Meso Azelaic Pack 25%



The Meso Azelaic Pack is specially formulated for the treatment of acne, controls bacterial growth of comedones and the excess of sebum, rosacea, hyperkeratosis, blemishes caused by pregnancy, sun exposure, photo-ageing, acne scars and hormonal problems. It contains sebum-regulatory properties useful for normalizing keratinization and antioxidant pigment regulators.


Application Area:

  • Face


Products included in Azelaic Pack:

  • 6 Meso Peeling Vials 5ml
  • 1 Neutralizing Spray 50ml
  • 6 Post Peeling Mask 20ml
  • 1 Purifying Cream 50ml

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