BODY LINE Up Grade Lipo Drain Massage Oil, 1000 Ml



A body massage oil with a powerful anti-cellulite and draining effect thanks to a powerful combination of natural oils (Green Coffee, Rosemary and a Complex of Essential Oils). It helps combat cellulite, improves blood micro-circulation and encourages the elimination of toxins. It is also ideal to relax and lighten tired legs.


Formulated with:

  • Green Coffee Oil with a high concentration of:
  •  Caffeine: It has a powerful anti-cellulite effect.
  • Polyphenols: They activate thermogenesis, a metabolic reaction extremely closely liked to the slimming process.
  • Rosemary Oil: A powerful anti-oxidant and activator of blood micro-circulation in the skin.
  • A Complex of Essential Oils (lemon, cypress, mint, rockrose and lavender): 100 per cent pure natural oils which immediately offer a refreshing and relaxing effect while improving blood micro-circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins. They make tired legs lighter, considerably improving the sensation of heaviness.


Application Advice:

  • Professional use, according to the specific work protocol.



  • 1000 ml

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