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Atopical Cream 30ML – Aesthetics World USA
Atopical Cream 30ML



Specially developed for sensitive and atopic skins, Atopical Cream has a calming action, that relieves the irritative reaction of the skin providing a revitalizing effect. The peptides contained in this cream boost collagen production by activating a key growth factor. Reduces opro-inflammatory cytokines.


Key Benefits

  • Balances the process of neurogenic inflammation
  • Works against intrinsic and extrinsic aging
  • Moisture and revitalization



  • Reduction of vasodilation, edema and erythema
  • Prevents early aging
  • Increase in dermal density and elasticity
  • Provides immediate soothing sensation


How to apply

  • Apply to face and neck, in the morning and evening. Can be combined with Regenerator Cream: use Atopical Cream in the morning and Regenerator Cream in the evening.


Recommended for

  • Atopic skin
  • Reactive skin
  • Sensitive skin

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