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Antismog Cream 30ml – Aesthetics World USA
Antismog Cream 30ml



MCCM Antismog Cream is specially formulated to create a polysaccharide barrier, protecting the skin from outside hostility coming from urban polluted environments. Its moisturizing and soothing effect prevents irritation, increases the capacity to deal with the climate variations and promotes skin repair. At Quality Beauty Store, we recommend this product for all skin types exposed to pollution in urban environments as well as for skin exposed to accentuated climatic variations.


Effects of this product

  • Prevents irritation of the skin
  • Promotes skin hydration
  • Provides a complete regeneration process


How apply

  • Apply to face and neck in the morning for a total protection during the day. At QBS we recommend to combine this product with Regenerator Cream. Use Antismog Cream in the morning and Regenerator Cream in the evening.

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