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Fat Burner Cocktail



The active ingredients of MCCM Fat Burner cocktail are Caffeine, Organic Silicon, Centella Asiatica and Hyaluronidase. They act as a powerful treatment to reduce cellulite. Its lipolytic properties will result in the best slimming. We recommend this product for localized fat reduction, cellulite and slimming programs.


This product serves as a great:

  • Lipolytic action
  • Lymph-activator
  • Blood flow activator
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Stimulates cell metabolism

    What are the effects of using the product?

    • Reduction in volume, localized fat and cellulite
    • Reduction of liquid retention

      How apply MCCM Fat Burner Cocktail?

      • Apply this product in the area to be treated with circular movement massage or add it to a cream or mask.
      • Add the product to a gel intended for use in Transdermic Mesotherapy or other type of electrotherapy treatment such as ultrasounds, ionization or other types of medical devices used in aesthetic treatments
      • For Professional Use Only


        • 10ml

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