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Cellcontrol Artichoke Berries – Flavour | Pineapple Flavour – Aesthetics World USA
Cellcontrol Artichoke Berries – Flavour | Pineapple Flavour



Artichoke has the highest levels of antioxidants out of all vegetables, and it’s a rich source of Vitamin C. It improves heart health, reducing the levels of bad cholesterol and regulating blood pressure. Stimulates the good functioning of the liver, being a perfect supplement for detox.


Recommended For

  •  Weight loss treatments
  • Water retention
  • Detoxify the body



  •  It helps with the flow of bile from the liver, reduces high cholesterol and sugar levels
  • Prevents kidney problems and water retention
  • Helps digestion of fats, stimulating the good function of the liver and gallbladder
  • Help to reduce excess fat in the blood



  •  Recommended the usage of 1 or 2 ampoules/ sachets in 1,5lt water per day
  • For an intensive treatment, use one ampoule/sachet in one glass os water before breakfast and then mix another ampoule in a bottle of water and drink during the day



  • Box 20 X 5 Ml Ampoules

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